Vintage 1995 - 25 years old


Single Family Estate

Cognac Grande Champagne - 1er Cru de Cognac

70 CL

40.5% vol.



An expression of age-old know-how, the 1995 vintage is the last to join Frapin’s collection of rare cognacs. A rich aromatic palette and intense finish on the palate gives it the particular aura of exceptional cognacs, the quintessential expression of the Frapin style. That year, in the heart of the Grande Champagne, the vineyards exuded abundance. On the hillsides of the Château Fontpinot, harvest occurred at a perfect time when grapes had a high level of acidity and low levels of alcohol. These are essential conditions to ensure the concentration of aromas before the heating time. Distilled over lees and aged in sealed barrels in the dry cellar “Marie frapin” of the family estate’s, this vintage XO gave it’s angels’ share over 25 years. This slow evaporation process enabled to carve its aromatic complexity and superb elegance.

Limited edition of 3000 bottles. 

COLOUR: Flatters the eye, brilliant and silky, lit by orange hews.

BOUQUET: This vintage opens delicately with an arpeggio of delicious notes: a zest of citrus fruits, the brightness of a tangerine. Then unfolds towards spicy fragrances of dried peach and gingerbread. A loose bouquet, a subtle symphony.

PALATE: The 1995 vintage - 25 years old gives pride of place to the aromas of the orchard, fruit in full bloom which evolve on the palate towards fine vanilla and then delicately spicy notes. The warm nutmeg flavour balances the roundness of warm dried apricot. The finesse and balance go hand in hand until the lingering final note of rancio, long and characteristic of skilfully aged old cognacs.


• Cognac Master - Best Vintage 2022 (UK). 

• Gilbert & Gaillard - 96/100 2022 (FR).

• Cognac Masters - Best Cognac of the year 2020 (UK).

• Gilbert & Gaillard - 94/100 2020 (FR).